MOT Failure Work Under Taken


My car failed its MOT test

If your vehicle fails the MOT test you will then be issued with a VT30, an MOT failure.

Mobile Auto Services can quickly and professionally repair your vehicle MOT failure problems which has been identified by the MOT test centre. Work that needs to be done to bring the vehicle up to the required safety standards. Once this work is complete your vehicle will achieve an MOT pass certificate.

Mobile Auto Services can offer pre MOT test and arrange your vehicle to be picked up from your home or work place and taken to MOT test centre for is vehicle test.

Typically most cars will need to be checked every year to ensure that they are safe to be driven on the road. This includes emissions, controls and the health of the car in general. The test is known as the Ministry Of Transport test (MOT).

An MOT is similar to when you go to the doctor for a general check up. This check-up though is mandatory and if you do not have a valid certificate to prove your car has passed the required standards then you will not be able to get a tax disc and so will not be able to legally drive on UK roads.

For many older or poorly maintained cars you may find that they fail their MOT and will cost money for necessary repairs. In some cases the vehicle may fail due to an issue which may have been avoided if the driver had been more attentive or careful when driving. A few little maintenance jobs here and there over the year will help to make sure your car is in top condition when it comes time to get the car MOT tested.

One of the main points that can help your car stay healthy is driving sensibly and not over revving the engine. Accelerating or braking harshly can put strain on the brakes and make them more likely to fail as well as the engine being put under unnecessary stress.

To reduce any engine problems it's important to make sure your coolant and oil levels are filled to recommended levels. Engines that are low on oil are vulnerable to severe engine damage. You can avoid expensive repairs to rod bearings and the cam shaft by making sure your oil level falls within the recommended levels on the engine's dipstick.

Keeping a close eye on the tires is another area which may help to reduce the risk of failing your MOT. Increased tire baldness, where there is little or no tread, means that your tires will have lower than desirable levels of grip, especially in the wet. You can help to increase the lifetime of your tires by not wheel-spinning and ensuring your tires are inflated to the right level as stated in your vehicle's manual.

Another key area that cars sometimes fail their annual checks is to do with the suspension. The springs and mounts for your suspension can grow slacker over time, having a look under your car to check that nothing is obviously out of place is a good initial check. Also a small test you can do yourself is by pushing down on the corners of the vehicle and checking that the car springs up instantly, if it bounces a few times before coming to a rest then there may be issues with your suspension that need looking at by a mechanic.

Exhausts are another common area cars can fail on, this is mostly checked by the sound of the car. If you have noticed the car has gotten louder over time then there may be a hole in the welds on the exhaust system. This happens a lot with cars over 10 years old. Over time through rust, damage and general wear and tear, these holes can appear and grow causing a leak of emissions.

There are many check-ups and tests you can do yourself in the run up to your MOT test. By doing this you will be able to find the areas of your car which may need repairs and you will be able to budget for any necessary repairs.

Your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible Mobile Auto Services can help call us on 0800 999 4118 for complete mobile MOT failure work service at your home or work place.

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